The E Mission at The Ohio State University is to advance microelectronics science, technology, and education, by providing facilities which encourage interdisciplinary research and educational activities that will benefit the State of Ohio and the nation as a whole. The Microelectronic Cleanroom (MECR) has industrial and government support for its research programs, which enables student training and research results related to industry and government needs.

The OSU Solid State Electronics and Photonics Group was started in 1975, and has grown to include 11 distinct laboratories in the Electrical Engineering Department. Collaborative efforts with research groups in Physics, Bio-medical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering are enhanced by their proximity on the university campus. At least 18 faculty and 50 graduate students are involved in research activities in the MECR facility.

The microelectronics center is positioned to provide critical resources and infrastructure to support the education of quality students and renowned research faculty and staff in a cooperative environment. Obtaining significant levels of research funding from government and industry enables PI's to publish and present their work in top journals and at leading conferences.

The MECR is at the forefront of microelectronics research and education. We are excited about what we do at OSU and we welcome the opportunity of sharing that excitement with you.

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